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Dec 08, 2014 · SP-10Mk2a, Graham 2.2 tonearm. SL-1200, Graham 2.2 tonearm, AT-150mlx, Benz-Scheu Glider. Jim & Ken Super DC PSU, Oil well bearing, Acromat, Isonoes, strobe lamp switched. Pass Labs Pearl 2. Aleph J amplifier. F6 Amplifier. Nelson Pass Burning Amplifier BA-3. Pass BA-PP linestage, miniDSP 4x10, Linkwitz Labs LXmini speakers, Sony SS-M7 speakers. , и Origin Live Illustrious MK3C Tonearm ''Quite simply breathtaking...'' - What Hi-Fi ''The best tonearm i've heard to date .... brilliantly detailed yet utterly musical, this arm is set to join the ranks of the all time greats. Wholeheartedly recommended...'' - David Prince - HiFi World ''...and the winner is... the Origin Live Illustrious, a pick up arm that is quite simply breathtaking ... , , , , , , , The Alliance is the budget tonearm of the Origin Live range. Built for performance and affordability it represents a major upgrade over other budget tonearms and will reward you with vastly improved dynamics, clarity and detail. Please see tonearm overview page for full list of all our arms Many people wonder how much to invest in a tonearm. .

VTAF in Lacquered Brass Finish on Origin Live Tonearm Origin Live Aurora Table. VTAF in Lacquered Brass on SME 309 Tonearm and Thorens TD124 Turntable The Origin Live Enterprise C is the apex of Baker’s design achievement and is the 10 th Origin Live arm I’ve auditioned and/or reviewed. The Enterprise C presides at the top of Origin Live’s four arm Dual-Pivot tonearm range.

Origin Live, Southampton, United Kingdom. 71 likes. Manufacturer of a Stunning & Award Winning Range of Tonearms, Turntables, Arm Modifications & Turntable Upgrades with an... 1994 newmar kountry star diesel pusherFOR SALE: Oracle Delphi V + Origin Live Conqueror Mk3c tonearm: Turntables: EUR €6000.00: Jul 23, 2018: 3 : FOR SALE: Origin Live Silver MK3A Tonearm in Ex+ condition: Tonearms: USD $625.00: Jul 21, 2018: 4 : FOR SALE: Thorens TD-124 turntable with Origin Live Illustrious tonearm: Turntables: USD $2500.00: MO : Jun 25, 2018: 5 Origin Live Silver 12" Tonearm RRP: £970 Our Price: £590 Original box and packing. Fully tested - perfect. Supplied with fixing screws, alignment gauge and manual. ... Origin Live Turntables – Overview Most analogue reviewers consider their turntable to be THE single most important component in their entire system. To achieve great results from any system, the signal at the beginning of the chain must be of the highest quality. Origin Live Conqueror Tonearm and VTAF Posted 07/01/2006 If you have a set bedtime and need a certain number of hours of sleep each night, do not install this tonearm. .

Origin Live Encounter Mk III $1650 In the Encounter, PS’ reference Ortofon Windfeld displayed its peerless neutrality and near-peerless tracking, with outstanding bass and a rich and involving midrange. Highs, though smooth and extended, evinced a very subtle lack of detail or focus. , The SOTA Satellite turntable with Origin Live Zephyr tonearm handily outperforms at least one well-received competitor in its price range. While better performance is obtainable at a higher cost, this combination offers a very consistent sound from low bass to upper treble and makes fine music that is always enjoyable. Live zirconia has shown the highest translucency performance in its class since its inception in 2010. From single to large unit bridges, Live zirconia can be an excellent choice especially when combined with the ORIGIN Chroma coloring liquid system. Origin Live Silver Tonearm. The Silver arm is now in MK3A form, having undergone significant upgrading since its introduction in 2002. When first launched the arm received widespread acclaim for outperforming high end arms but at a fraction of the cost.

Origin Live Conqueror MK3C Tonearm Multi Award Winning Arm ''Suffice to say that this is one of the best tonearms yet made by anybody, and more importantly, it's not voiced in a madcap, no-compromise way that prohibits it from pleasing only some of the people some of the time. Rather, the Conqueror is an immensely useable, versatile, realworld tool that works brilliantly no matter what ... и Just an FYI. People talk of taking the VTF spring out of the Rega tonearms. Origin Live brags of doing this and getting all sorts of performance gains. I did it and don't know I like the sound. The spring was definitely acting as a damper. Maybe also smoothing the sound. I find it a little too bright now. I find it kind of hurts my ears.